Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my expectation in BEL 120

My first BEL 120’s class and it was just fine . well , at the first place I didn’t even know what does BEL 120 means . the subject name was quite scary and weird -.-‘ plus with the number at the end of the subject name drive me dizzy cause I hate number and I hate math ; for sure :D well , at the first place I taught I’m going to learn a new languages in this subject . something like ‘mandarin’ HAHAHA . and my first reaction when I saw BEL 120 in my class time table was absolutely like ; “whoaaa :O im gonna die ! the UNIVERSITY subject drives me crazy -,-‘ who is the teacher ? is it miss or mr ? LOL=.=’ *disaster” . too many question was playing through my mind .

In the other side , I also hope that this subject will going to be as easy as ABC :P well , maybe something like management thing which is supposed to be just ‘okay’ if I put some effort on it .

At last , I’ve entered the class and all of my taught about BEL 120 was definitely wrong . the subject was actually about ENGLISH . in this subject , my lecturer ; miss zu asked us to speak in English . at the first place , it quite difficult for me cause I used to speak in BAHASA MELAYU but I hope that after this I can speak in English more fluently ;)

Kdahbye .

Lots of love ,



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