Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bel’s game

Miss me ? HAHA .
okayy ; today I would like to tell a story about my Bel’s activity and its like some kind of ‘game’ for me which is quite fun . it was an outdoor activity because we do it outside the class . Well , for me that game helped me to release my mind . sick off being in class for the whole day long -.-‘ lalalaaa~ BUT . . there's a lot of mosquito in there =.=' HAISHHH .

Well , in this activity, Miss zu had divided us into two group . one group will be the outer circle and the other one will be the inner one . then , miss zu give us the topic , we should talk about the given topic to our partner . but we need to talk the topic given in ENGLISH . haaaa , it quite horrible for me . something like DISASTER -.-‘ well , I’m gonna said that it was TERRIBLE since my English was damn bad (especially when I’m speak in that language) at the first place , I feel shy and afraid if I use the wrong word and who know maybe I speak it , the word might sound differently but I’ve already set in my mind ; it was for my own goodness . It became more WORST when the topic was about football . ERRGHH (not interested in it) lalalalaaa #just forget bout it^^

Miss zu often said ; give change a chance . this phrase had encourage me to start a new life and be brave if it was for my own goodness . As a student ; to gain knowledge and to make myself better , I should learn from mistake so that I won’t repeat it and know which is wrong and right .

okay bye (",)


Bytheway , after several days we doing this activities , we have done another activity which is divided us 5 person in one group . well , we need to choose the p.ramlee movie and need to re-enact the movie . not the whole movie laaa . i mean the certain part in the movie .

well , i didn't watch the tan sri p.ramlee movies so i felt quite awkward at the first place . but luckily all my group member show me what to do and told me about the story . they also created the script for me and i felt very lucky to have the group member like them .

well , for me i like this activity because i quite funny when we be an audience and watch the people presented it . but when it comes to our turn ; fuhhhh ! nervous . but at least i enjoyed it :) well , i felt like a talented actor even my acting were definitely horrible .

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