Tuesday, January 3, 2012

movie review (127 hours)

movie review
127 hours and reviewed by me =='

will , this story about Aaron Ralston and he is a mountain climber . it was based from the true story . he get trapped during his journey .
the story take place when aaron went for adventure alone and as i know , he didn't inform his family about his trip and he also didn't bring any communication device such a hand phone .
well , he think from doing that he can be safe without thinking about the impact . the story take places when his hand was stuck at the big stone . after trying to save his hand for 127 hours then he decided to cut it or he'll be death . he choose the live even without his hand .
well , when i saw he cut his own hand , i was about to scream ; aaaauuuuuwww ! haha :D in was horrible . but at last , he's save but without hand . he was regret on his own behaviour (not telling his family about the journey) . luckily , he's save and ALIVE.

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